"art as life, is a journey of discovery & learning"

          shakun jhangiani                                                                     


                                                                                 © shakun jhangiani             

  Whatever I create is created intuitively. The impulse to create is so strong that it is quite impossible to

  control the urge. I love going with the feeling and simply allowing the paintings to come into being.

As I continued to paint and found myself working constantly with raw canvas as the textured

media in my series of illusionary semi-abstract seascapes I started exploring the use of more

structurally defined texture. Saturated in vibrant primary colors this series of boldly textured

abstract contemporary paintings with minimalist color field compositions have come

about as the serendipitous result of that exploration.



                                                                               © shakun jhangiani

Though inspired by nature, these paintings seemingly depict landscapes that do not actually 

exist in reality but unlike mirages these tranquil images do have a very real physical existence

on the canvas and can be enjoyed in the moment and after. The paintings done on canvas

or wood panel all seem to manifest themselves almost magically when the layers of color
washes are  laid on the prepared surface. The use of textured mixed media adds a

beautiful tactile feel and the soft colors and minimalist composition creates a 

quiet feeling of serenity. Though similar in kind each of the paintings is quite

unique in its individuality and seems almost reminiscent

of impressions the seashore.



 'inside the circle'


                                                                                      © shakun jhangiani

  The series 'Inside the Circle' came about as a natural progression from the figurative paintings 

of my 'Faces' series of  Buddha like images in which I used the 'bindu' as a focal point.  

 The 'bindu' being the 'third eye' or sixth chakra these paintings were inspired by 

the shape and colors of the 'chakras' and like mandalas that draw the  mind

inward these paintings with a circle as a focal point create a feeling that

is equally tranquil and serene.


                                                                          © shakun jhangiani     

    Listening to the peaceful and melodious sounds of Buddhist mantras and chants 

inspired this series of tranquil meditative faces.



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