Shakun Contemporary Art

Learning for me is a passion. I have enjoyed experimenting with many different media and techniques until I found my own strength and signature style working in acrylics and mixed media. And as the journey continues to evolve I discover ever more amazing and excitingly unique processes that inspire me to create out of the ordinary paintings. 

Whatever I create is created intuitively. The impulse to create is so strong that it is quite impossible to control the urge. I love going with the flow of that feeling and simply allowing the paintings to come into being. 

I love to create art. I live to create art. The need to create is so instinctive and compulsive I simply could not imagine a life without it. 

When I paint I am in the silence of a quieter more reflective space, so completely in the moment that the outside world and time is forgotten. There is a feeling of lightness that is beautiful and illuminating. Creating art in this space is a wondrous experience. 

I hope my work reflects this sense of peace and calm.

Shakun Jhangiani   



website: www.shakun.ca


cell: 604 725 9179   


email: shakun@shaw.ca